All that you witness from me is not solely for the purpose of design. But also an expression of how I perceive the world. Design is simply the way in which I choose to translate it. I had begun to develop an affinity for the future and everything it represents. I have become deeply close to the progression of man and technology and although most cynics would condemn the future as mankind’s downfall, I have an optimistic premonition of it as a world where mankind and technology flourish in a surreal dance of commerce and art.

My dreams and aspirations in life is the desire to explore the Universe to find out secrets during this lifetime -- to search for origins and destiny, to dream, to prepare myself, to go forth to be tested mentally and physically by gods. To pass the test, to be given the TRUTH, and come back to share the spick-and-span Wisdom . Meaningful exploration takes more than Courage and Ambition. It demands good science and it celebrates the human spirits -- to learn the way to heaven, to know all the means at my disposal to go safe through this dangerous life.

Arnel Carrido Reyes to the World

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