Journey To Heaven - I'm On My Way

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Journey To Heaven
(I'm On My Way -- Sang By David Wilcock)

I made up my mind
I know what I have to do
Hear in your cries
I am ready to reach for you

There is no turning back
Now that I know the way
I'll be with you soon
You don't have to be afraid

You're in my heart
You're in my mind
I wanna make sure that you are okey
You are my light
You are my soul
Never could leave you feeling astray

There's nothing to fear
I'm on my way
I'm feeling enlight
I know that this joys is right
You needed me now
I'll help you with all my mind
The beat of my heart
A moment that never ends
I'm coming to you
I have to make a mess

Repeat * (2x)

There's nothing to fear
I'm on my way (I'm on my way)
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