How it all began...

As a young child, at the tender age of 6, I often hated God...

My teen years were quite normal. I had crushes and girlfriends. I enjoyed going to the seashore to watch the sunset and the flamboyant stars in the night. I sometimes sleep there, and in the morning, the warmth of the sunrise would kiss me and softly wake me up. But amidst the "normalcy" as a teenager my insatiable hunger for knowledge, I was a voracious reader, focusing on books about PROPHECIES and RELIGION.

As I entered college, I became more and more passionate in finding out the many WHYS of life. I became an ATHEIST, questioning the reason for my being and the existence of GOD. In my search for truth, I immersed myself in books on Prophecies, the Future & Beyond, Transcendental Meditation and the Bible. I was seeking answers to questions I could not even understand. I became AGNOSTIC.

I then embarked on a journey not many people of my age then would go through. I found God amidst different dimensions of life. I found God in the stillness of the night and in the quiet recesses of my mind in meditation. I found God empowering every aspect of my being. But as I found God, I was subject to a lot of difficulty and temptation.

Living a normal life, I fell in and out of love... intense in emotion... love and pain. I focused on my career... my life. Something was lacking. I felt empty... Again I fell in love... faced challenges... felt pain... again and again... the intricacies of life.

I asked myself why? I looked back and realized I suppressed and turned my back on a "gift" that should have set me free... I turned away from something that could be shared.

Now (2012)... I am ready to face a new world and will travel and transcend time to further my "gift" on my own. I will use my pain as my inspiration. I will gather all my strength to move on. I will turn my negativity into a more positive energy to help myself stand up and pick up the pieces of my life. I will use the betrayal to focus and love myself more. I will seek myself, my Higher Self... and God once more.

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