To earthbound man he gave the key to the silent world... How could you possibly live your life looking at a door and not go open it?

My name is Arnel C. Reyes. Exploration is what I desire in life. It is a passion that is intertwined with my search for origins and destiny, to dream, to prepare myself, to go forth to be tested mentally and physically by gods. To pass the test, to be given the TRUTH, and come back to share the spic-and-span Wisdom. Meaningful exploration takes more than Courage and Ambition. It demands good science and celebrates the human spirits -- to learn the way to heaven, to know all the means at my disposal to go safe through this dangerous life.

"The real Science is the Salvation of Soul..."

system & software development, information security (NetSec/DataSec/CloudSec/AppSec), threat modeling, ethical hacking, and research origins & ultimate destiny are my passions. It is a way of thinking, a way of utilizing the amazing powers of my mind, a way of living, a way of looking at the world and the universe.

Good design is easily recognized and smart system is important. It is smooth, it is intelligent, it is calculated. I have been fascinated with the world around me and how I could render it into a creative world of my own. Small things like raindrops falling on a rusty tonka truck. In this I could see a million colors of ‘character and spice’ that clearly felt a mood when gazing upon. With practice, a passion I acquired the skill to distort and manipulate -- to create many things into my own definition of reality, to give someone a different point of view and instill a mood or emotion inside the spectator of my work and masterpiece.

I strive to maintain a sense of balance while crossing the line of mainstream system design, information security, and ethical hacking into something new and risky. I also undertook motion graphic design for a simple reason. I need to convey something to the world about myself. My goal is to stretch the boundaries of conventional art work (design) and to push the limits of all forms of media. This undertaking later be transformed into helping others to achieve the same goal. Motion is a universal language and we can all relate to it. Through my interfaces, I attempt to convey emotions, concepts and even wishes. My interfaces begin as a dream and manifest themselves over time as a vision, a realization.
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