In Forgiveness Lies The Stoppage Of The Wheel Of Bad Karma

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We all have the same basic wounding at the core of our soul. This wounding appears to be the root of all addictive compulsive behaviors that we would ever gets stuck in. This original wound is an illusion but it becomes very compelling to us and buries deep within our subconscious mind at the point that we don't even realize it's there. This wound comes from the sense that the Creator has abandoned us. And we've been left exposed unprotected on this planet. And we're going to have painful experiences where we feel abandoned and left alone -- that our needs are not being met, that nobody really seems to care about us and we invariably projects disappointment onto the Creator. This intern leads to what i call the Wheel of Karma --where we keep repeating the same painful experiences over and over again. We started to notice that it seems like we have bad luck. or that there's a theme that keeps repeating in our lives.

The Fool's Equation

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Encourage ourselves to explore in what is they refer to as the Fool's Equation. This equation says -- "If I Get x, Whatever x Might Be Then I Will Be Happy" -- this is really silly!!! Because if we're wishing for something that hasn't happened yet and if we decide that once that thing happens that we will be happy in the future. Then we've never claim any happiness in the now.

So what we do is to turn that Equation backwards. "If I Am Whole, Peaceful And Happy Now, Then I Will Get x Whatever It Is That I Want" -- as many others have said, "we create a Loving space within ourselves which then allows the Loving Energy to fill it"

What Is The Best Way To Serve Others?

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What is the best way to serve others?

They said... "Seek The Heart Of The Self" -- This refers to the fact that when we really understand our identity, it will not end at the boundary of our skin to the air... We begin looking into the faces of others and seeing ourselves... For that same reason -- why would we want to manipulate or control them? To Serve Others Is To Help Ourselves... we say, "I SEEK MY OWN ENLIGHTENMENT FOR THE SAKE OF ALL BEINGS..."

The True Law Of The Universe Is UNITY

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The true law of the Universe is UNITY -- all is love, all is one and all is light. The first distortion of that law is Love -- the Freewill principle. What that means is... There is only one of us here -- there is only one Being. But the greatest gift of that Being has given us is the opportunity to discover that we are one with it in our own way without anybody telling us what to believe, what to do or how to think (it is simply is...). It is our path and we can do anything we want -- we have the Freewill. If we start infringing someone else's Freewill, it is a design of the Universe that whatever we measure out to others will be measured back to ourselves -- that's KARMA.

Yes! You can practice the negative path if we want to. You can infringe other people's Freewill. You can manipulate them.You can lie to them. You can control them. You can steal their money. You can live the man unemployed, homeless and hungry... But you will be stolen from, lied to, manipulated, controlled, beaten, abused, raped and you have to be...

Our Higher Self As A Maiden, Virginal And Pure

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Do we see our Higher Self as a Maiden, Virginal and Pure? or... Do we see it as a prostitute...

If we treat our Higher Self as a maiden -- the idea is that we listen to what she wants. And we learned to dance with her wishes accordingly -- in order to get what both of us want.

Whereas, if we treat our Higher Self as a prostitute -- we barge in the door... And say, "this is what you're going to do for me and this is what we expect."

Everyone Of Us Has A Soul!

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Everyone of us has a soul! And that soul is clearly aware that it has a spiritual agenda it wishes to fulfill in each lifetime. No matter how lost or confused we may feel that we are. Even if we're homeless on the side of the street or desperately wrapped up in a world of addiction, in pain and crime. We all know that we have job on this planet. And ultimately that job is to learn to LOVE. And if we don't get in one lifetime, we'll keep coming back over and over again. It seems that once we've done this enough times and we really get the point about Loving others -- that we go through Graduation -- No More Incarnation. This is what the 2012 prophecies are really about. The planet itself moves through an energetic transformation, where if we're ready we don't ever need to reincarnate again in this human body but we'll move into a new world.

The Loving Energy

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We all have a Higher Self guiding and directing our lives and ensuring that we meet up with whatever we create. All spiritual traditions say that we're here to learn Love. We've seen abundant evidence in a variety of scientific studies -- that Love is written into our genetic code. That Love actually causes conformational changes in our DNA. The DNA molecule actually heals itself in the presence of Loving Energy that is sent through intent.

Our DNA Did Not Randomly Evolve In This Planet Earth

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Our DNA did not randomly evolve in this planet earth. Our DNA is an energy pattern that exist throughout the entire cosmos and that energy pattern is a wave.

The energy that makes our DNA takes natural materials that's all around just atoms and molecules. It takes those atoms and molecules and intelligently arrange them together to form the DNA molecule. It suggest that we were created by an intelligent energy field.

Learn to Love By Practicing Forgiveness

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Learn to Love by practicing Forgiveness... In Forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of bad Karma… We all deserve happiness by stopping this wheel of bad Karma.. A brilliant tomorrow is always waiting for us to embrace it… In order to experience this will of God for us -- we need to change to course of our very own life by following the Path of Light… Learn to Love our self by servicing others and stop manipulating them…

Servicing others is serving our self… Love is the most powerful energy that can heal any sickness in the world...

Ignite the Love within us...

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