December 21, 2012 (12-21-2012)

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Many crazy and false prophets predicted that the world will come to an end... This is really ridiculous! God will not allow this to happen to His people on earth -- this means that those people who have Faith in GOD have nothing to worry about the prophecy of 2012!

12-21-12 is NOT the end of the world... 12-21-12 AD is just an awakening inception and according to the prophecy (the Mayan Calendar, the Timeline from the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Quatrains of Nostradamus et cetera), this would be the date of the 1st Messianic advent, the 2nd at 2030, the 3rd at 2057 and the 4th at 2084.

2084 Maybe the beginning of the NEW WORLD, the GOLDEN AGE, the Earth as NEW HEAVEN!!!

2012 is just an awaited year to which many great, wonderful, interesting, marvelous, exciting, fantastic (you name it) things would happen... We are very lucky to witness this cosmic special event.

What is 84 - 12 = ??

What is the [?? years] means? There are 72 years it takes for all humankind on earth to repent, ask forgiveness faithfully and pay all committed sin before the initiation of the "End of the Age" at 2084... "End of the Age" means renewal...

Let's enjoy life to the fullest according to GOD's will! Let's take advantage the beauty of life!

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