There Are No Aliens

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There are no aliens... They are family members -- the family that we have in the galactic citizenry who's out there in the cosmos who look human almost the same as us, in many cases, very similar to us. They can't welcome us into their home until we are able to fundamentally rewrite the script, says that, “Your God is different than my God and therefore I'm gonna kill you. I’m gonna attack you because my God is the good one.” God is the universe. God is matter and energy in consciousness. There is nothing outside that universal consciousness, almost every major religion on earth is monotheistic at in its core and believes in one intelligent universal being. But the Universe is emanated from various enlightened Teachers that have given us knowledge based on their own perspective from their own culture. In many cases, human extra-terrestrials who we would call angels have contacted the societies and given them messages -- messages of hope, messages of peace, messages of how to evolve. And then over time we get the texts rewritten. We get cultural differences, we get semantic differences and they become religions -- they become stratified that we don't just have one way of thinking. And that's okay! Everybody has their own path of how they can find to get back to the oneness. But again our higher self does exist.

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