We Have The POWER To Change

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We have the POWER to change our path towards a brilliant future… When we look at the problems that we have on the earth now with the dreaded Illuminati of the new world order, they’re here by design. They’re here because we attracted them here. They are here because they're fulfilling a function that stimulates the evolution of consciousness. Our consciousness is evolving by their presence they are not simply villains who need to be eliminated. They’re fulfilling of valuable function by enslaving us, by manipulating us, by stealing our money. They are taking the power away from us that we have not acknowledge that we have with all these technologies with the limitless energy in the vacuum.

We have the potential to eliminate fossil fuel, to eliminate the need to pay for energy and with the elimination of scarcity come the elimination of an economic system. It won't happen right away, but we can transition into a system in which there is no need for money at all -- a system in which goods and services are provided by robots that we build, the technology that we build, the free energy devices that we build. But the Universe cannot allow us to have that technology until we Love and Respect ourselves enough, that we can use it responsibly.

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