Learn To Love Ourselves

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Learn to Love ourselves... If we don't love ourselves, the Universe does not send people to us who love us. The Universe does not say, “Oh! I'm sorry you are feeling bad, I’m gonna send you love so that you'll be much better” BOOM! NO! The way the Universe actually functions is that, if we don't love ourselves, we've now created a field of attraction and we are attracting to ourselves people who don't love us. That’s what happens when we don't love ourselves. We don't get sent that which you haven't created. We get sent that what we have created and we attract like energy that we're putting out there. The Universe does that deliberately slip when those on loving people come into our life. We will learn from them... We will learn to say No -- this is not the power of now this is the power of No and the power of No is what comes to us when we learn to Love ourselves enough that we're not going to be manipulated, we're not going to be beholden to other people's negativity.

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