Meeting With Our Higher Self

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Our Higher Self is a part of us that exists outside linear time millions of years more evolved than we are now. This part of ourselves is absolutely wonderful, absolutely joyful, absolutely intelligent. It will never leave us astray. It will never guide us off the path. If we can learn to listen to what it has to say to us, we will only direct in a way that would advance our evolution. The problem if we want to call it, is that sometimes what advances your evolution is very difficult, it's very painful. We can have things happen to us that seem to be disastrous... We can have a car crash... We could have a broken bone in our leg... We could have many numbers of financial catastrophes... We could have the person we love leave us...

In the stillness of the quiet point within ourselves as we can find in meditation, because in the Now, there is that contact with our higher self. We can simply breathe in the consciousness of the universe and be one with who we are right now... We can live that consciousness... We can fulfill the promise. In fact, human becomes god-like -- that is the promise that ultimately even is in the Bible, in John 14:12, Jesus actually says, "As I do these things", meaning the miracles, "so shall you do them and greater things, for I go on to my Father", the Father is the field, the Father is the intelligence of the cosmos. When we go on to the Father, when we go into the cosmos, when we tap into the field in the now, in the present moment, we have attained peace, we have transcended the duality of this world that says good and evil, light and darkness.

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