December 21, 2012 (12-21-2012)

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Many crazy and false prophets predicted that the world will come to an end... This is really ridiculous! God will not allow this to happen to His people on earth -- this means that those people who have Faith in GOD have nothing to worry about the prophecy of 2012!

12-21-12 is NOT the end of the world... 12-21-12 AD is just an awakening inception and according to the prophecy (the Mayan Calendar, the Timeline from the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Quatrains of Nostradamus et cetera), this would be the date of the 1st Messianic advent, the 2nd at 2030, the 3rd at 2057 and the 4th at 2084.

There Are No Aliens

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There are no aliens... They are family members -- the family that we have in the galactic citizenry who's out there in the cosmos who look human almost the same as us, in many cases, very similar to us. They can't welcome us into their home until we are able to fundamentally rewrite the script, says that, “Your God is different than my God and therefore I'm gonna kill you. I’m gonna attack you because my God is the good one.” God is the universe. God is matter and energy in consciousness. There is nothing outside that universal consciousness, almost every major religion on earth is monotheistic at in its core and believes in one intelligent universal being. But the Universe is emanated from various enlightened Teachers that have given us knowledge based on their own perspective from their own culture. In many cases, human extra-terrestrials who we would call angels have contacted the societies and given them messages -- messages of hope, messages of peace, messages of how to evolve. And then over time we get the texts rewritten. We get cultural differences, we get semantic differences and they become religions -- they become stratified that we don't just have one way of thinking. And that's okay! Everybody has their own path of how they can find to get back to the oneness. But again our higher self does exist.

The Prophecies Of Golden Age

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The prophecies of the Age of Aquarius, the prophecies that involve of Golden Age, it is only a misinterpretation of Bible prophecy that leads us to think the Age of Aquarius is doom and gloom to which leads us to think that all of these unpleasant things that we're seeing, the solar system are going to lead a massive tidal waves and massive cataclysm -- that's a misinterpretation. Most of the prophecies say that we not only survive these changes, we thrive through the changes -- the changes are what breaks down the shell that we've built around our heart... That has walled away love... That has walled away peace.. That has walled away the present moment...

The Game Of Life

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The game of life... I have plenty of issues...  I have plenty of difficulties that I struggle with... I do have problems...  So do you...  So does everyone -- that's part of the game that we are confused and we can embrace the confusion. In fact, in the law of One, it says, "it is entirely necessary that an entity consciously realize it does not understand in order to be ready for what is coming and to consciously realize we do not understand is to recognize that confusion is implicit in human incarnation." We can get away from it. It’s who we are. It’s what we are. We're not meant to understand everything. This brain, this body that we have cannot take in the consciousness of the field. It cannot take in the vast intelligence of the cosmos -- we only are given a portion of who we really are.

Meeting With Our Higher Self

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Our Higher Self is a part of us that exists outside linear time millions of years more evolved than we are now. This part of ourselves is absolutely wonderful, absolutely joyful, absolutely intelligent. It will never leave us astray. It will never guide us off the path. If we can learn to listen to what it has to say to us, we will only direct in a way that would advance our evolution. The problem if we want to call it, is that sometimes what advances your evolution is very difficult, it's very painful. We can have things happen to us that seem to be disastrous... We can have a car crash... We could have a broken bone in our leg... We could have many numbers of financial catastrophes... We could have the person we love leave us...

Our DNA Is A Product Of An Intelligent Loving Consciousness

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Our DNA is a product of an intelligent loving consciousness. Planets are built to have life like us. We are what the Universe is created to experience sentient awareness -- our consciousness is the cutting edge in which God or the Creator is evolving now. The universe is not a static hole that is waiting for us to catch up to it. The Universe is a sense of law of One, is in a state of becoming. Our mind, our evolution, our consciousness right now is part of that evolution.

We Have The POWER To Change

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We have the POWER to change our path towards a brilliant future… When we look at the problems that we have on the earth now with the dreaded Illuminati of the new world order, they’re here by design. They’re here because we attracted them here. They are here because they're fulfilling a function that stimulates the evolution of consciousness. Our consciousness is evolving by their presence they are not simply villains who need to be eliminated. They’re fulfilling of valuable function by enslaving us, by manipulating us, by stealing our money. They are taking the power away from us that we have not acknowledge that we have with all these technologies with the limitless energy in the vacuum.

We have the potential to eliminate fossil fuel, to eliminate the need to pay for energy and with the elimination of scarcity come the elimination of an economic system. It won't happen right away, but we can transition into a system in which there is no need for money at all -- a system in which goods and services are provided by robots that we build, the technology that we build, the free energy devices that we build. But the Universe cannot allow us to have that technology until we Love and Respect ourselves enough, that we can use it responsibly.

Learn To Love Ourselves

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Learn to Love ourselves... If we don't love ourselves, the Universe does not send people to us who love us. The Universe does not say, “Oh! I'm sorry you are feeling bad, I’m gonna send you love so that you'll be much better” BOOM! NO! The way the Universe actually functions is that, if we don't love ourselves, we've now created a field of attraction and we are attracting to ourselves people who don't love us. That’s what happens when we don't love ourselves. We don't get sent that which you haven't created. We get sent that what we have created and we attract like energy that we're putting out there. The Universe does that deliberately slip when those on loving people come into our life. We will learn from them... We will learn to say No -- this is not the power of now this is the power of No and the power of No is what comes to us when we learn to Love ourselves enough that we're not going to be manipulated, we're not going to be beholden to other people's negativity.

The Wheel Of Karma

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What is the wheel of karma? The wheel of karma means that we move from joy to disaster, joy to disaster over and over again. When we're at the top of the wheel everything seems great and everybody seems to love us, but then we fall to the bottom then the world seems come to an end -- the wheel goes round and round over and over again -- joy and disaster, joy and disaster.

What's really happening here? In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the Wheel of Karma. In forgiveness is the understanding that there is only ONE of Us here... There is no space... There is no time... There is no past and future... There is only NOW! In fact, there is only Foreverness... Timelessness...

The Greatest Mystery Of The Universe Is Identity

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The greatest mystery of the universe is identity, our identity is the greatest mystery of all, because the universe is a product of one consciousness, one energy -- that energy has created galaxies, the galaxy seem to have their own personality, the personality of this galaxy is to create human life. We're now seeing the evidence that the galaxy has program us to go through incremental stages of evolution. At this time, a spontaneous shift almost like a flash bulb going off from the photographer and after that flash bulb goes off we open up our eyes and look around, it's a whole new world. It's a world which according to prophecies will have us able to have abilities like levitation, telekinesis, instantaneous healing, thought transference -- all of these things that we now think of impossible become possible.

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